My Vision

My vision of High Point is shaped by my experiences as a life long resident and years of service in Guilford County. I want this great city to have growth and opportunities for ALL citizens. I plan to start improving the quality of life for residents in all zip codes with an immediate 10-Step Action Plan:

1. Re-organize High Point's economy to gain employment opportunities for residents that will increase the tax base. This will start with programs and incentives for local business owners to hire High Point City residents to put money directly back into the economy.

2. Revitalize under served neighborhoods and enhance economic development in areas left abandoned or underfunded to support the current residents living in these areas and attract new residents. We must also transform our vacant lots and buildings in ways that increases its value and long-term sustainability.

3. Increase economic growth and opportunities with long-term employment that offers personal growth, self-sufficiency, and the creation of wealth for all citizens. This will include encouraging local entrepreneurship and women and minority-owned businesses.

4.Β Overhaul the transportation system to efficiently connect neighborhoods to employment locations with increased hours of operations for riders working second shift and weekend jobs. Each bus stop will have security features that includes cameras, a call box monitored during the operational hours, seating, and an awning for inclement weather.Β 

5. Enhance educational and skills development that matches course offerings with vocational training to ensure everyone has an opportunity to gain certifications for job readiness immediately after completing high school or to serve as employment opportunities for students needing aid to cover expenses in pursuing higher education.

6. Meet with educational leaders in all school systems servicing High Point City Students (Guilford, Forsyth, Davidson, and Randolph) to work collaboratively in enhancing the quality of education. Address funding needs for Guilford County Schools with our County Commissioners to learn how we can improve the conditions of our schools experiencing maintenance and other concerns.

7. Work with rehabilitation centers, drug education programs, and emergency medical services to address drug/opioid addictions plaguing our communities and adding to acts of crime and violence.Β 

8. Create innovative landscapes that are environmentally friendly to provide clean air and water leading to a better quality of life and public health.

9. Manage natural disaster clean-up by removing any regulatory barriers that may hinder efficient use of city services in all areas of High Point where residents have been affected.

10. Actively work with our local law enforcement to encourage enhanced community policing measures for safer schools and neighborhoods while building trust between officers and civilians, enlist the aid of community partners and organizations, and support our re-entry programs.

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  • Bruce Davis